3 Costly Damages Caused By Raccoons In Your Home


3 Costly Damages Caused By Raccoons In Your Home

If you believe that raccoons are cute and harmless animals, then you need to change your introspection. Though they are cute and innocent, the clutter they cause inside your property is not less than a nightmare. They are dexterous wildlife creatures that use their both paws to tear away home insulation, wires, soffits and many other things. Raccoons are excellent climbers that can invade your home’s attic or chimneys permanently. They can even attack you, if you are frightening or compelling them to leave your property. Its important to call in wildlife control professionals to trap and deter these notorious creatures away.

Some of the damages caused by raccoons are:

  1. Roof Damage: Since raccoons can climb on trees, they can easily gain access to your roofs and chimneys. Once they are able to reach your rooftop, these creatures will use their dexterous hands to tear off the shingles or chew the soffits or fascia boards. If they are able to tear away any corner of your roof, they’ll further enlarge the holes to gain entry inside your structure. They are responsible for causing the expensive damage by ripping off the rooftop ventilators.
  2. Attic Damage: They can enter inside your attic through any of the window openings or by tearing the roof. Once raccoons manage to get inside, they’ll tear up the wall insulation, attic pipes, AC ducts to create a cozy living space for their babies. Since they chew off the electric connections and wires, they often risk a short circuit or fire hazard.
  3. Causing Clutter: Raccoons, garbage and clutter is deeply related to each other. Where there is garbage, there will be raccoons, and where there will be raccoons, there will be clutter. Paws of these wildlife creatures are sharp enough that they can knock down even a strong metallic can.

    By remove the can lid, they will get inside the garbage bin to chew off and throw out everything. Moreover, they can damage an entire yard by plucking and throwing unripened and ripened fruits here and there. Raccoons are responsible for digging holes in a garden to feed on insects.

These are some of the damages caused by racconns inside a property. If you are facing raccoon invasion inside your property, don’t hesistate to call in our raccoon removal experts at Burl-Oak Wildlifepros.

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