Three Signs You Have Skunk In Your Yard


Three Signs You Have Skunk In Your Yard

The skunks are the nocturnal that cause problem in the urban landscape. They carry diseases such as canine distemper, rabies, canine hepatitis, etc. you even don’t need to be bitten, rabies you can get from their saliva.
The other reasons to remove the skunks are, they can:

  • Demolish your garden or yard
  • Invade your home
  • Spray you and your pets
  • Burrow underneath the patio, deck or crawlspace

Knowing the signs of skunk infestation help you to remove them as soon as possible and prevent yourself.

Sings Of Skunk In Your Yard

  • Faint Odor

    The skunks are mostly known for delivering the smell. Anywhere that the skunks remain commonly will be tainted with their smell. It is primarily noticed in the den areas. If you are often getting the smell of faint skunks in your garden, it refers the skunks’ availability. A fact about the skunk is, if you can smell them in late winter, it could be the males skunks fighting with their opposite gender skunk.

  • Holes In The Yard

    The skunks make the 3-4 inch wide holes in the garden area which is the most common sign of their presence. These holes tend to be shallow and a circular shape while they occasionally make the cone-shaped holes beneath the building foundation.

  • Pets Reaction

    If you have pets, they will suddenly start to bark especially in the dark as the skunks hunt at night. On noticing the skunk in the yard, your dog will make a huge ruckus. Even if you have not fenced the dog, your pet will also start to dig the yard where skunks passed through.

The moment you notice the skunks in your yard, you can immediately call the Burl-Oak Wildlifepros. We provide effective and affordable skunk removal and control solutions. We have a team of professional skunk removal experts in Burlington & Oakville serving residential and commercial clients. Call us today to get same day services.

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