Things to Avoid While Dealing With A Wildlife Encounter


Things to Avoid While Dealing With A Wildlife Encounter

Animals are cute, unless they start creating nuisance inside a property. Are you dealing with an animal invasion? If yes, we advise you to remain on a safer side. No matter which wildlife creature has invaded your home, it can cause a great harm to a property and family.

Most possibly, when you try to deter these animals away, there are chances that they may fight back or attack you. Never handle a wildlife creature, unless you are aware of the ways of dealing with it. Its highly recommended to hire a professional animal removal company to deter away these notorious creatures.

Some things that should not be done when an animal is around you are:

  1. Touching: Animals are animals, no matter how cute or small they may be. No one knows when they’ll make up their might to bite or attack you. By touching or petting a raccoon or skunk, you are actually compelling them to stay inside your premise. Moreover, the chances of getting microbes and diseases also increase. Its advised not to touch a wildlife creature unless you are planning to adopt it.
  2. Removing: In the sake of saving money and hassles of calling a professional, most of the homeowners end up removing the animals themselves. They actually don’t realize that they are risking their safety by shooing away a raccoon using a broom or stick. Never try DIY animal removal while dealing with notorious wildlife.
  3. Feeding: Its good to feed hungry animals but not always. Whenever you feed a squirrel or skunk. You are actually showing them your affection, which in turn can compel them to stay inside your yard. To prevent their habitat, never ever feed them with water or food. Try to keep your yard clean by removing rotten fruits.
  4. Locking: Always remember that you are not a trained wildlife control professional. This means that you should not try to lock or deter away an animal on your own. Locking an innocent animal inside an attic or room is not at all a humane act. In some conditions, you may also end up ruining your home structure and belongings.

These are some things that should be avoided at every cost while dealing with a wildlife invasion. If you are looking for a reliable wildlife removal company in Oakville, don’t hesitate to call in our animal control experts at Burl-Oak Wildlifepros.

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