Sure Signs You Have Mice/Rat Living at Your Place


Sure Signs You Have Mice/Rat Living at Your Place

Mice and rats have been disturbing the lives of human since thousands of years now. They make your life hell in your very own house. They will do as much damage as possible to reside there.

Most of the owners have no idea that they have mice residing at their place. So, how does one find out if they are living in the house or not?

Don’t worry, we will guide you to some symptoms of their presence. This will help in their early removal from your house and also prevent you from any further damage.

Signs of a mouse/rat presence:-

Scratching sound: Mice and rats make these unusual scratching sounds in the walls and holes. If you hear any such sounds beneath the bed, sofa or anything for that matter, it is a confirmation to their presence.
They travel through the walls and keep on making those scratching sounds.

Torn food packing: Mice and rats will travel through the entire house in search of food and water. If they smell food out of something, they will try their best to get to it.
This is the reason why so many packing are torn, giving the details of its defaulter. Always make sure that none of your food items are left out in the open.

Droppings: By now, almost everyone recognizes mice droppings. They are like rice grains and black in color. They can be found anywhere in the entire house as these creatures don’t have a fixed toilet!
These droppings are a sure sign of their presence and also pose great health risks, if got contracted with.

Rubbing marks: Rats travel through the house through walls as they have a poor eyesight. This leaves behind their rub marks on walls, which comprises all the dirt and dust they have in their outer skin layer.
This surely shows that someone is using that path and who else it could be other than the rats!

Holes: Rats are known to be great diggers and chewers. They make way for their food and shelter and it is almost impossible to see through it.
These can be found near the solid objects or structures. If you find any unusual hole and other factors relating to it, understand that rats are residing inside.

Foul smell: Just like any other animal, these little creatures also leave some bad odor, giving proof of their presence. They leave behind urine and feces which over the time gets build up, creating bad odor in the end.

If you find any of the above symptoms in your house, it confirms their presence for sure. One should seek professional help at the earliest to save oneself from any future damage or health risks.

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