How To Keep Raccoons Out of Your Property


How To Keep Raccoons Out of Your Property

Have you got raccoons in your yard or garden? If so, these noisy and destructive raccoons can destroy your yard, even damage your property. These animals are most commonly found in the area where there is water nearby. These animals do not care what they eat, they just love to eat everything such as veggies, fruits, bugs, fish, meat and others. They like every food item which you toss in the garbage.

Raccoons are very annoying. These animals carry a number of diseases and parasites which are dangerous to people and pets. Fortunately, there are several effective and safe methods to prevent raccoons. To remove them, it is always best to seek help, recommendation and advice of a wildlife control professional.

  1. Inspect your house: Inspection is the first component of prevention programs. To diagnose the problem, first of all inspect your whole house including yard and garden. Do at least a monthly inspection to find the pest or animal problem in your house. Look for some signs that show that you have raccoon problem or not like empty bird feeder, damage trash can, fecal droppings, track, and others.
  2. Secure your waste: Raccoons are very strong and they easily open the lid of your trash can. Make sure you have a raccoon proof garbage can so they cannot get in. To keep raccoons out of your house or yard, make sure your garbage can lids are tightly sealed. If once they open it, they will definitely come again for food.
  3. Keep your yard clean: Fruit trees are the main source that attracts raccoons and give invitation to them. Raccoon loves to steal fruit from your yard, but they also destroy it. Whether you have one, two or several fruit trees in your yard, make sure to rake up any fallen fruit. Bird feeder is another thing that attracts them.
  4. Trapping: Trapping is one of the best ways to get rid of raccoons. Remember one thing, in many states, trapping and relocating is illegal unless you have a permit. Get a trap that is at least 12″x12″x32″ and very solidly constructed. After trapping them, take raccoons at least ten to fifteen miles away to a raccoon friendly environment. Be careful, because they can bite you.
  5. Use Raccoon Repellents: There are various repellents available in the market. You can purchase any one of them to eliminate these animals from your property. Spray liquid repellents on your trash cans and around the bird feeder to keep them away from your house.

Hope, the above given tips helps you to protect your premises from wildlife animals. By following these tips, you can get rid of raccoon safely and efficiently. If you are looking for help of professional, you can get in touch with Burl-Oak Wildlifepros in Oakville.

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