3 Effective Tips to Remove Skunks Humanely


Effective Tips to Remove Skunks Humanely

Skunks are commonly found animals in a yard. They are helpful in cleaning away the litter caused by dried and fallen fruits. Though they are beneficial, homeowners doesn’t prefer them in their property. The reason may be the notorious odor emitted by them. Moreover, they love digging yards, which is not at all loved by yard owners. One of the stress-free way to get rid of a skunk is to hire a wildlife control service. One can also try a control plan to remove their habitat.

Few tips helpful in removing skunks are:

  1. Eliminate Food and Shelter: The foremost step in skunk elimination is removing elements that may be attracting them towards your place. Small animals including skunks, enter a yard in search of food and shelter. If your place is full of fruits and shade, they’ll be compelled to seek shelter.

    For skunk control:

    • Clean the fallen fruits and seeds.
    • Collect the buried leaves.
    • Remove garbage and trashcans.
    • Cover the burrows with fence.
    • Close the access to home and yard.
  2. Identify Areas of Damage: Before implementing any removal method, notice the skunk behavior and their area of interest.

    Their habits include:

    • Living under the porch or shed.
    • Burrowing lawn.
    • Digging for food and insects.
    • Eating unripened fruits.
    • Scattering trashcans.
  3. Choose the Right Control Method: Once you are aware of skunk activities and behavior, select the best control method. There are various ways that are effective in controlling the skunk population. Choose one which is perfect for you.
    1. Live Trap: A trap is one of the great solution for getting rid of a notorious skunk. They are stubborn animals and known how to frighten away people using a spray. To create a trap, take a large towel that can cover your body and slowly approach towards him. Once your reached near, catch him with the help of towel.
    2. Repellents: Another control method that often works is a repellent. Since, skunks search for food using their acute sense organ, try to disturb their senses. By agitating their nose with a powerful scent, drive them away from your area. To follow this method, sprinkle a repellent in and around the area usually visited by skunks.
    3. Electronic Repellents: These repellents are designed to frighten the passing-by skunks, so that they can stay away from the repelled areas. These eco-friendly repels are installed to protect a wider range of area including yards, flowerbeds, trash cans, pathways etc.

These were the few tips that are effective in controlling skunk habitat inside a property. These notorious pests can dig burrows and clutter in a yard. If the above methods aren’t working out, hire our skunk removal Oakville professionals.

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